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Jun. 26th, 2005 @ 09:02 pm i'm back!
Current Mood: confusedblah.
Current Music: Boston - "Amanda"

that's right, guys. I'm BACK from Tennessee!!

Guys wanna know what happened on the trip?

This is a slightly more detailed look at what happened during this past week and then also what I did todaay. I'm gonna talk about Jason enough to annoy you guys, so just deal with it.

17-6-05. Friday.
On Friday night before I left for the trip, I was walking around my house at 11:30 at night.. totally hyped up off of two gatorades and some chocolate bars. I was getting pictures of Jade, Davey, Ville, and Sebastian Bach to tape to my notebook i was bringing. I was carrying the Davey one around going, "Daaavey. Davedaveydavey. D-a-v-e-y... that spells Davey.. Daveydavey..."
My mom was like, o__O;;

18-6-05. Saturday.
Got in the van to start the trip to Kentucky where we were staying over night at a church. We started on the road at abouuut... 12:45.
Nothing interesting happened in the van ride.. I listened to part of the Zeromancer cd I recently burned, "ZZYZX".. #2 is really good. I'm obessed with it.. but I don't know what it's called.
We stopped at Wendy's for dinner.. I got a salad.. I didn't like it, but that was okay.
The drive through thing said Clearance 9'-0''. And I was like, "Why does that sign say nine inches through zero feet?" I found it funny.
So we got to the church and it was really cool. The walls were all black. There was Napolean Dynamite stuff all over and yeah.
So I meant to grab my old P.E. shorts to wear to bed. They're dark green. I thought I had put them in my back pack. When I went to get them at the church so I could change, they weren't there. I had grabbed a dark green pillowcase, somehow, by mistake. I found that hilarious. So did Katie, Racheal and Katlin.

19-6-05 Sunday.
We had to wake up at five in the morning. I was very tired, and very hungry. My pants were too big. I had no belt. I had to use it to keep my sleeping bag from unrolling, because one of the strings broke. xD.
At around 7:30 in the morning, the turtle (the mini bus/retirement home van) broke. The air was coming out of one of the tires and the valve was broken so new air couldn't get in. Half of the people kept going to Nashville to pick up the other two vans we had rented. That was the half I was in. Then the other half was back at the car place with Dave until he got the turtle fixed.
In Nashville, there was a sign that said Budget. and I was like. "Budget... Puget.. Jade!..hahah..Jade." No one got it but me.
I liked driving to Nashville alot. I mean, what's better than driving by some awesome scenery and listening to AFI for a few straight hours? Yay. I thought it was pretty rad.
The turtle got fixed. It was 45 minutes behind the van.
I thought it was funny when we were in Knoxville... 'Cuz if Johnyy Knoxville... yea..

We got to the camp eventually.. Had lunch.. I didn't like it that much. But afterwards, we had to go tell Jason if we were allergic to a certain food, or if we were vegetarian or something. So, being all excited that I got to say like three words to him, I wasn't really paying attention and almost ran into him. I was like, "I'm a VEGETARIAN."
He was like, "Hello.." and yeah. I was like "eeee."

Then we got our Major Groups, and our YRG's... I was NOT happy with mine at this point.. I just wanted to go home. Badly. I wished I hadn't come. I was being a real pussy about the whole thing. At that time, the only thing I liked about the camp was Jason, because i'm a loser. xD.
My YRG consisted of
Jay- the leader guy, from State College, PA
Denise- the other leader, from Ohio.
Adam- 17, from State College, PA.. hardcore Butch Walker fan.. love him for that. <3.
Leah - 16, from Nashville, Tennessee
Tyler - 14, from Wisconsin.
That night at 9:30, I was back in the cabin. Racheal, Catie, and Katlin and I got lucky. We got the last spots in the really good cabin. The other ones were all sucky. With bugs, and holes in the doors. HAh. anyway.
After walking around outside, taking in the scenery and FRESH air for once and going to the amazing worship session.. I felt alot better. I was looking forward to getting my work assignment for the next day, now. God had answered my prayers that I had made earlier. I was now going to do this in his name, and for him. And I was thrilled to do so. :D.

20-6-05. Monday. Kinsey's birthday.
I woke up at 7 in the morning.. Because that's when Jason drives around and honks the fucking car horn to wake everyone up... I didn't like it that week.. Everytime I hear a car horn now I spazz.. but that's beside the point.
Our first assignment was easier than I thought it would be, But I guess that's cuz I didnt' really do anything. We had to put a tin roof up over this little deck.. All I did was hold the ladder in place for Adam while he hammered nails in.. and i was spazzing 'cuz there was wasps ALL over.. ;0;.
At the worksite, there was four dogs. Fatty, some mixed breed; Baby, a mini doberman; Rufus, a golden retriever; and a dog that resembled a German shorhaired pointed, who's name I didn't catch. There was also three kittens running around. Tyler was playing with them and holding them. He was holding the black one, and she started purring. So when I picked her up, she spazzed and meowed and jumped down.. See, not a cat person right there. xD.
So we got back to the camp and I showered. ect, ect.
After dinner, I was all obessing over Jason but you guys don't care. So yeah.
Then I said my prayers and went to bed.

21-6-05. Tuesday. Adriana's birthday
We got our two-day assignment. It's bigger than the one the day prioir, seeing as we have to work on it for two days.. hence the name.. o_O.
Everyone had to like build a porch or take down old ones, or build small sheds. Not our group.
All we had to do was paint the outside of a whole trailor.
I thought it'd be easy. I was so excited that it wouldn't require much thought, or energy. Because I'm lazy. But I was wrong.
We left to go to the worksite, and got lost. We had to pull into some lady's area where her trailor was and there were TONS of chickens there. I kid you not. There was like.. over 30. There had to be. They jumped on the hood of the van and started flapping their wings against it and started pecking at the tires and trying to get in the the van.. I was freaking out. xD.
Eventually we got to the right place. There was three adorable puppies running around. Their names were Buster, Patches, and Killer.. but they got new names. Buster became Bastard, for he was very mean. Patches became Chubby/Chunky 'cuz she was fat. And Killer became Fatty, 'cuz he was fat too.
So in the first day we painted the whole fronts and sides of the trailor. We couldn't do the back because a sewage pipe was busted in their backyard so there was literally crap seeping in the ground.
So we left early and went out for some ice cream.
Dinner that night.. I thought it was hilarious.
There was this bread roll.. John tried to crack it in half. He couldn't. He started punching it. The table started caving in, but the bread remained as it was. So Chris took it and kept punching it and tearing at it and still nothing happened. So then Ed took it. He shoved a spoon into it, and the spoon got stuck. He started stabbing it repeatedly with the spoon, until the roll broke in half. When it did, we found that it wasn't real bread. It was made of styofoam. I was laughing about that for like twenty minutes.

22-6-05. Wednesday. (WEDNESDAY!!).

My dad's birthday.

Sadly, it was halfway through the week. At this point, I liked my YRG, although I don't think they liked me quite as much. I just didn't want to leave.
Because it was halfway through the week, all the staff dressed really fucked up at breakfast.. I got a reall kick out of it. Especially when they started singing and dancing. xD. I so wish I had a camera. Jason and Julie and Sarah looked HILARIOUS. Will shaved his head so he had a mohawk.. I say he sould have dyed it.. but NOO.
Finished painting the trailor. I was sitting out on the deck with Leah. THe puppies all came up, and they were so starving looking. So we fed them our extra food from lunch and gave them our extra water. This grey puppy with beautiful blue eyes came up and tried to grab some of Bastard's food. This resulted in a fight between them. Tyler broke them up and Blue Eyes was all sad.. so I picked her up.
Then we left and went to the dollar store.. I was in the back of the store, reading this book about young children who were subjects of murder. It was a true story. A book written by some journalists. I heard a loud noise suddenly. I heard Adam and Tyler cracking up. So I thought to myself, 'Tyler probably broke something.' Because earlier he had been playing around with some of the stuff. I walk up there and find out that Adam had been sitting on this small chair that can't hold more than 50 lbs. He broke it. xDDD; two of the legs snapped into all these pieces. So he had to buy it. It was HILARIOUS, but you had to be there.
I got back to the camp and called Liz. Yay <3.
Jason saw me take a picture of him during ... something. I thought it was hilarious. But.. no one else did.
Halfway through the week = over.

23-6-05 Thursday

Russ's birthday.
We got our assignment. It was to take down a shed. So we go to this worksite without getting lost.
We were taking apart the roof first. There was a spot of rotted wood, so we were all careful to walk around it.
I was going to get a hatchet to go and disassemble this other part of the roof. I walked over and my foot went RIGHT through the rotted wood. I didn't even realise what happened until I noitcied I was about two feet shorter. The only thing I said was, "Woah...". Adam was like, "Ally! Are you okay?!". Then we all started cracking up. So Adam broke a chair, and I broke the roof.
Tyler was taking nails out of this wood all carelessly. One flew out and hit Leah right in the forehead.. I thought it was funny.. even though it could have hurt her. It didn't, though, so that's okay.
We got back to the camp and I showered like always. Then everyone was down at the field and we were all singing. Jason sang the wrong words. Racheal and I found it funny.
I borrowed his permanemt marker for this thing I needed to write on. I scribbled all over everything with it. And I spazzed cuz he had chewed on it. o.o;. There were bite marks.

24-6-05 Friday. Chloe's birthday, I believe? watch i'm wrong.

Last full day at camp.
Last work day.
Last day with our Major group.
Last day with our YRGs.
Last night of worshipppp..
I was very sad.

So we got our last work assignment. It was to wash this garagelike building at this old lady's house, and to wash her windows. It was easy.
She lived alone, because she found her husband cheating on her a week after their 50th wedding anniversary. Since then, she's been alone and kind of withdrawn. But she really seemed to like to talk to me.. which I was okay with. I felt good that I made her happy.
She took me into this large closet and she showed me her collection she has of all these different dolls on display. I was trying so hard not to freak out.. i'm scared of dolls.. But I made her happy because she said her own kids didn't care about her collection, and she was glad to show it to me. So that kind of touched me. She was a very sweet lady.
Her dog was gender confused, though. It was a female Aussie named Sadie. but.. she humped a garbage can and tried to hump my leg. o_O;. It scared me.

That night back at the camp we had our campfire. I found it hilarious. There was a skit where some of the kids at the camp made fun of the cast.. the one guy making fun of Jason did it perfectly. So did the girl making fun of Julie. I laughed so hard. Especially at this one part where these two dudes were making fun of Will, this cool counsler guy, and Patrick, this guy who's going to Harvard, but acts stupid.

'Patrick'- I'm going to Yale!
'Will'- [whispers] Harvard.
'Patrick- HARVARD! I am going to HARVARD. Ivy League school.. speaking of Ivy, there is NO Poison Ivy here.
'Will'- [whisper] Lots of poision Ivy.
'Patrick' - ALOT of Poision Ivy! Tons of it! All over. Watch out for it. It's.. it's.. Two leaves. with PINK spots.
'Will' - Red.
'Patrick' - RED spots. That's right. Two leaves. Red Spots.
'Will' - three leaves
'Patrick' - Three leaves, pink spots. NO. no. Three leaves, RED spots.. I"M GOING TO HARVARD!!

 Rofl. you had to be there to think it was funny, I guess.

Then there were other really funny skits.

Then it was worship time. Racheal and I were standing there and then Jason was just kinda walking around. Whihc was weird, 'cuz he normally goes around in his stupid car with the horn so that everyone knows it's time for whatever activity we're gonna do.
So I said to him.

Me: Jason, why aren't you in your car?
Jason: Because we are about to prepare our hearts and minds for worship once the people who have wandered to their cabins get back.

xDDD. you had to be there to think it was funny. but Racheal and I were dying.. because he was serious.. and he makes the WEIRDEST hand motions.

That night before bed I came up with my MASTER plan. I was gonna give Jason his marker back, and then ask him for a hug. BWAHAH.

25-6-05 Saaaturday. Last day.

So we woke up, had breakfast. Then Julie's major group (mine) got assigned to clean the kitchen and dining hall. and, this made me very happy, Jason was hanging out there the whole time. Of course, when he walked in the door, I dropped a spoon. But that is totally beside the point.
Blablabla. we cleaned, ect. I found another sharpie just like the one Jason lent me on the floor. So I came up with a new plan. I was gonna give him that one, so I could keep his. BWAHAH. See that. I'm pathetic.
But that's what I did. I gave him that, then I Katlin took my picture with him. so now I'm not washing my sweatshirt cuz he TOTALLY touched it. o.o;.
I was sad to leave my YRG.. 'Cuz they were so cool. 'Speshully Adam, yah. And Julie was totally one of the sweetest people I know, so I'm sending her a card, yeah.

Then on the ride back, we got caught in AWFUL AWFUL traffic.
It tooks us TWO hours to drive only FIVE miles. WTF. o.o;.
In the end, in 7.5 hours, we drove only 100 miles.

We were supposed to arrive at the church in Indiana to stay overnight at around 6:30 - 7:00 in the evening.
HAHA. no.
We got there at 2:30 in the morning. It sucked.
We got like three hours of sleep there, then it was wake up time and time to go.

Then.. I got here.
So now it would be
26-6-05. sunday tralala.

I get back home, hug my family, ect ect.
I went to the grocery store and they were selling cds for three dollars. I looked through them and found a Skid Row cd that I didn't have!! I am like so stoked still cuz of that. xDD. So i totally made my dad buy it.

Then I went to the library with my mom. I wanted to get the Manson biography. She told me she didn't really want me reading it, and prefered taht I get something nicer. So. I picked up the Clay Aiken autobiogarphy. and got that. xDDDD. i find it frickin hilarious, sorry.
So from the Library I got these two books:

"Learning to Sing: a memoir by Clay Aiken" ..by Clay Aiken o_O; yea
"Loving The Alien: the David Bowie biography" by Christopher Sandford.

Then I got these CDs

"Third Stage" - Boston
"Hunky Dory" - David Bowie
"Astronaut" - Duran Duran
"If We Fall In Love Tonight" - Rod Stewart
"Thirteenth Step" - A Perfect Circle

soo today was GOOOD.

I love ya'll and I missed ya and yea.
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Date:June 27th, 2005 02:50 am (UTC)
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I love the Manson biography. Long Hard Road Out of Hell.
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Date:June 27th, 2005 03:19 pm (UTC)
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Yeah, that's the one. I'll get to reading it eventually.
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Date:June 27th, 2005 04:15 am (UTC)
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dun nuh nuhhhh! i'm so glad you're home!!!!!!

aw, sad episode of degrassi..... *cries*
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Date:June 27th, 2005 03:19 pm (UTC)
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Aw. [pet]
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Date:June 29th, 2005 12:10 am (UTC)
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Glad you're back! And.... I never knew you liked Boston. o_o
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Date:June 29th, 2005 07:20 pm (UTC)
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I love them. xD