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Jul. 7th, 2005 @ 11:00 pm AWESOME CONCERT!!!
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The Butch Walker concert was friggin' AWESOME. KICKASS. OUTSTANDING.

ok. so.

We (my dad and I) left at 12:30 on the train. Arrived in Chicago around 1:10. Yeahh. The concert started at 4. I was like, What are we gonna do for three hours?
We just got something to eat, then went and hung out.
(oh, evernight, there were TONS of charlie and the chocolate factory adds everywhere. I spazzed everytime I saw one.)

Around 3:30 before the concert, I saw this dude with sunglasses and blach hair doing autographs and taking pictures with people,and such.
And I look at him for a few minutes, and I'm like, "Hey! That's him!"
I got my picture taken with him, AND i got his autograph.
He is SO much cuter in real life than in picutres. He's so nice, too.
I walk up to him, he's like "Hey! How're ya doin'?"
I'm like "I..uh..i...i...i'm..i'm good... you?"
He smiledand he's like, "I'm good, thanks".
Then yeah I got a picture with him and he PUT IS ARM AROUND MEEE AHHH. I died so bad.
Then this cover band opened up for him until FINALLY he got on stage at 5:30.
After he did the first song, "Maybe It's Just Me", he was like,
"I ALREADY broke the moniters... yeah.. I blew my moniter out after the FIRST song... See, that's how badass I am."
Then the whole crowd started cheering and clapping. He just grins all SEXY and stuff.
And then he's like
"yeah.. so.. The moniter is broken.. if some sound dude could take care'a that.."
He had a slight accent it was SO cute.
And then he did a few more songs and then he was like.
"I'm gonna play this new song for ya, alriaght? And I don't really know the words that well, so I might just hafta repeat alot. But that doesn't matter to you, 'cause you don't damn know the song!"
Then, after Mixtape. He was like. "See... most shows I do like this, people just leave after I play the hit off the album.. but NOT you guys... you guys aren't a poser crowd. Ya see, I was testin' ya..." and he pointed to us all really weird and started waving his hand around. "And ya passed.. I love Chicago. I'll come back here and play sometime."

Then he was talking about Best Thing You Never Had and he's like "this song is very... emo-tastic.."
After Best THing You Never Had, he was playin' on the piano.. just goofing around with it. Then he starts playing Bohemiun Rhapsody. And he was like, "Naw, guys I'm just kiddin'.. I don't know the song." But everyone starts cheering so he's like, "Alright, alright. hold on. Hey! -insert drummer's name here- Can ya bring me a beer?" The drummer runs out and hands him a beer. Butch is like, "This is -name- on drums.. and BEER.." hahaha.. then he started singing Bohemium Rhapsody.. and he forgot the words. He was like "Mama... just... killed a maaahn... -crowd sings it for a while while he just sits there, smiling, playing piano-... oh, that's it. MAMA!! OOOOH!! didn't mean to make YA cry!!"
he was AWESOME. so cute, too. so so cute.
It was great, too. He was like.
"Lets hear it for the drummer!!" everyone screams. "Let's here it for the bassist!!" then everyone screams again. And he's like "c'mon guys.. Boost my ego, here. Scream for me." the crowd goes WILD all jumping and screaming.
And then at the last song (;0;!!) Lights Out. MY personal favourite. He was like.
"This is a song about.. Ashton Kutcher... 'cause.. that dude claims he invented the Trucker hat... Naw, I didn't write it fer Ashton.. Just about posers in general."
So then in that song, after he said "Can I get a hell yeah?" The whole crowd shouted HELL YEAH!! and we all threw our fists in the air and gave metal. And then he was like "Yeah dawg!" and we all went "YEAH DAWG!!" and he goes, "word." and grins and keeps rockin out.

Then the concert ended. But here's my take on it.

I LOVE HIM so much more, now. Seriously. He was my second favourite recording artist before this, and now he's tied for first with my dearest AFI.. but.. he's AMAZING live. Hell, my DAD even liked him. And my dad only likes real music. So my dad likes him alot and he's takin' me to see him again. Liz, Meg, you guys are comin', too.
But.. ready for a small rant. I'll spare ya'll from the whole thing.
His voice is beautifullll. He's so talented and he's such a nice, down to earth, sweet guy. And yeah..

haha now i'm tired from walking 3+ miles all over Chicago today. And my throat is killing from screaming. I screamed "I LOVE YOU!!!" like fifty times. He didn't hear me, though. But he waved at everyone. OMG and he did like the hottest thing. EVER. he was playing the guitar and he got down all low and glared at the crowd all sexy like. And then he took his guitar pick and put it in his mouth so it was half in and half out. And he was just glaring and grinning and I was DYING so bad.. Grr he's HAWT.
Seriously he's GREAT live. Got tons of enegry. Really awesome guy. PLEASE go to his concert any chance ya get. GET ALL HIS MUSIC PLEASE he's an amazing artist. ;0;.

Can't wait to see him again.

Love ya, Butch!! <33
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Date:July 8th, 2005 04:07 am (UTC)
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Bohemian... XDDD; Zomg. Couldn't resist. I -am- Bohemian. <3.

Sounds like you had lots of fun! Too bad I won't get to meet anyone when I go to Ozzfest.
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Date:July 8th, 2005 05:21 am (UTC)
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Who's gonna be at Ozzfest? I wanna go.
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Date:July 8th, 2005 04:49 pm (UTC)
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;kbdgtvuigruiw! oh tala i'm so glad you had a good timmmmme!! if you ever come to CT we'll go and see some smexy bands plzkthnx<3
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Date:July 8th, 2005 05:40 pm (UTC)
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yes we will.
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Date:July 8th, 2005 07:28 pm (UTC)
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x3 Shweet mother of God.
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Date:July 9th, 2005 01:07 am (UTC)
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Butch walker = sex that plays music and write beautiful lyrics.